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Raptor Ridge Campground


Camp Fire

Camping in the badlands.

We offer unserviced backcountry tenting campsites.  A surcharge is charged for second tent at sites.  All sites have a picnic table and fire pit.    Maximum of six people at tent sites.


  • Tent sites check in : between 3pm and 7 pm.

  • Please call if you will be late.  We recommend arriving by suppertime to set up camp in the daylight.  If you require assistance or are renting tents from Raptor Ridge Campground you need to notify Raptor Ridge Campground before we close for the day.

  • Tent site check out : at 12:00 noon.

  • We appreciate our campers respecting check out time as we have to ready the sites for check-ins at 3:00 pm

Recycling - You will find a variety of labelled recycling bins in the campground for recycled waste.

Trash bins - As part of our green initiative, we encourage as little waste as possible.  That being said there is a waste bin available for non recyclables.

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