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Enjoy our beautiful Red Deer River - 

  • Fish from the banks - Fishing is encouraged with a proper Alberta fishing licence.  Inquire at the office for info on obtaining a fishing licence. ​

  • Hiking and biking - feel free to hike the campground.  There are many hiking and biking paths.

  • Swimming in the river - the river is yours to enjoy at your own risk.  For the safety of your children we encourage no children to be unattended under the age of 14.

  • Star gazing - Away from the hustle of the city we have amazing views of the night sky.  Spot the big dipper, a falling star and if you're lucky a meteor shower.

  • Kite flying - Being in the badlands we get the odd breeze.  Perfect for flying kites.  

  •  Photography - If you are looking for amazing shots to add to your collection, Drumheller offers some amazing views you won't want to miss.  Need a family photo?  Check out Raptor Ridge Campground's favourite photographer



Hiking /Bike Trails

Walk the grounds of the Royal Tyrell Museum and follow the walk/bike path through Midland.

Visit Horse Thief Canyon just 10 minutes north of Raptor Ridge Campground  for amazing views and intermediate climbing paths.

Horse Shoe Canyon off Hwy 9, just 17 km (10.5 mi) west of Drumheller.  Enjoy a scenic day-hike in the canyon.  For beginner to intermediate hikers.

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Raptor Ridge Homestead Tours

Our story starts a few years ago when we decided to move from Northern Alberta to the Badlands of Drumheller.  I had always dreamed of farming in some way and we wanted to give our teenage children a different life perspective before they left the nest.

The result is small homestead, with chickens, goats a cow and in the spring, ducks. Our  philosophy is  "you are what you eat".  We love our animals and only feed them organic feed and fresh organic herbs from our own greenhouse.  Our goal was to limit our global footprint, and learn healthier ways to live.  

Learn  about homestead life 

Visit our homestead and learn about homestead life, meet the animals, learn where eggs come from, how bees make honey, home composting, blacksmithing and a self guided hike through our badlands.

Contact us today 
780 972 2297
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